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Type of logging services available from
Javorek Logging, Inc.:

Clearcut for regeneration or development
Selection Harvest (Single Tree Selection)
Pine Plantation Thinnings
Forest Management
Contract Logging for:

Sawmills/Paper Mills/Industrial Landowners

click play below to view a clip of our harvesting operations.

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Forestry is much more than just logging. About 1.7 million people are directly employed in the planting, growing, managing and harvesting of trees and production of wood and paper products in all 50 states. As many as ten people are involved in the harvesting and milling of one tree.


Harvesting Operation

Our machines are the most environmentally friendly and effective forest machines currently available for the cut-to-length method of mechanized logging.

The forest industry ranks among the top ten manufacturing employers in 42 states, with an annual payroll of about $51 billion. That figures counts only those people directly engaged in the industry, not the many more who indirectly make their living from forest management and forest products.

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